Who can guess my babe’s gender?


Please be seated, George!

Martha, you have a beautiful skirt, but I think you should not be pulling it up always….

My dear Timothy, why are you crying?

Yeah, back to baby sitting classes. That energy driven picnic session was over and we are all back in our classes. Well, to tell you the truth- I work as a teacher in a Montessori school, but in fact more of teaching alphabets and nursery rhymes, my time goes in making these tiny tots sit quietly.

Time flies by

When I first joined the Montessori, I was clueless about the childish mess I was falling into. Kids are so innocent, so energetic and I had a hard time to keep up with this pace.

If you have heard, ‘All fours’, then is what you would see me doing in my first two weeks! I used, laugh, cry, get angry with myself and think, ‘Am I so incapable that I cannot control these kids?’

It was funny, but yeah I did a lot from them.

The interests of boys and girls are so different

They find joy out of the silliest of things

They laugh out for no reason. Similarly, you can find them crying or getting into tantrums in a blink of the hour. By the time, I figure the reason, things would have gone haywire!

Those first two weeks of mine were exhaustive and I feel depressed inside. I never could bring the class under control without the help of another teacher.

But, within a few weeks and observations (of how to manage them), I learned the art of getting the attention of these children.

Time sure flies by and I felt more accomplished inside.

Entering into an oldies room!

Sure, the kids were young, but their names were quite old. In fact, I think about 30% of the class were a collection of aristocratic names. I am not sure whether that is the trend now, or whether I just felt something like that?

So, this has gone to something past my generation. In the beginning, it did feel odd, but I felt good about it.

Not sure, where Kate and Charles did have an effect in how parents over the world name their babies, but yeah, there are many George in my class now!

Another world all together!

Now all these set apart, there is still another group of children who are in the mid phase of choosing their gender.

Puzzled? Yeah, even I was

Now, this is not exactly with regard to children. It actually concerns the thinking of their parents. During this time period, I have met quite a few parents who actually wanted a boy baby and later on were blessed with girls.

I wouldn’t say this has any problem as such, but these are not my kids. So, what’s the problem? (if hat’s what you are thinking, I will tell you)

Two girls in my class are totally in the boy world. Their parents dress them like boys, give them boy toys to deal with and even their mannerism are much more rough than the usual girly stuff.

The Irony

Though they have boy acts, they love being with girls. They love to plait their friends hair and giggle like all silly girls do. So, practically they are girls inside. But, sadly the truth is a gender change is forced upon them.

What’s more?

One day, Martha’s (student in my class)mom came to pay m a visit in school. You know, just the usual inquiry about her cutie pie is. Also, I noticed she was expecting and was I think about 5 months old.

Casually, I went on talking, and asking if she wanted a boy or girl. And in one voice, she firmly replied, ‘Boy’!!!

I continued, ‘What if it isn’t a boy?’

She looked at me, as if I had abused her. I was just being friendly, but somehow stepped on the wrong foot.

She asked me, ‘Who can guess my babe’s gender?’

Lol! What do I do now? I gave her solution and so will share it with you.

God Sent Intuitions

Truly, God Sent – I must say!

Just before things go out of hand, I remembered about my Maternal Cousin’s experience.

She had three girls in a row and boy, was she upset to the core!

Her family were looking out for a boy. That’s when she spotted out this Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and she tested it,

It gave away such accurate results!

It needed something like the mother’s date of birth and also the conception date.

Now, at that time- she was not yet pregnant. But was still curious about her chances of getting a boy baby.

So, with my freaky twisted brain- I told her just choose imaginary conception dates and use that predictor.

Gosh, and she did just that! She got only two months with chances of getting a boy baby. And God’s grace- the couple tried during those months only for two years. In the second year, she did become pregnant and yep, that was a healthy boy baby.

From then on, I was convinced that there is an itsy witsy bit of truth in this Chinese Gender Predictor. If any of you are planning to have a baby, and have special dreams (I know every person does have) , do check that Chinese gender predictor. I mean, it brought happiness to my family.

Don’t be another Martha’s mom. Stay knowledgeable and plan your family ahead.


Food allergies & Summer Play dates & Baby Sitting!!!

kids eating
Mouths full and all ready for a snap!

Food allergies & Summer Play dates & Baby Sitting!!!

It’s been a bit of a time since I did post any of my tinkling thoughts with you. I have been really busy, but that never left me wandering off from my prime passion- the world of letters and imaginations.

My title says it all: Food allergies & Summer Play dates & Baby Sitting!!!…

A combination I had to deal with in the near future.

One thing I have realized over the years is that:

You have kids in the house, and then you will be damn creative!

Seriously, in the past, after our marriage was over; there was a time when I never knew the fine lines of cooking. And I have to add in- neither did but hubby, but yup, he is a great foodie!

That actually doubled my thoughts on cooking, ingredients and all those stuff!

My aim at that time was to make sure he liked what I made and he was tummy full! I really thought anything besides that.

Kiddo on the Way!

Well, when I knew I was Ms.Preggie, the whole scenario changed.  God knows, from where, but I was busy hustling and bustling through websites, stores on the streets and literally sunk into those online stored!

You may be thinking, ‘Why the hell is she is so over concerned?’

The truth is: Because I never knew a thing about babies, pregnancy and parenting. All we needed at that time was a baby.

My hubby is a lovable man, but he is not very good with medical stuff, food, and basically housekeeping. He knew his work well, and was a sort of work alcoholic. But, I never minded that – as he was there whenever I needed him and even till today!

But parenting was just not something he was very comfortable with. So, I had to do my share of study, right?

Mm, that s that story behind my concerns!

Bad News

But, after about a four month period, I did suffer from a few complications and this happy phase came to an end. I was childless again.

I was depressed and angry with myself. I took over six months to get over this. That was the time my aunt suggested I go for some work and engage myself.

Aunt Tips

If you would have ever seen my aunt, you will think that she is an aloof and strict person. But the fact is she is the sweetest person I have ever known.

She never has the conventional talk of Good mornings and Good nights with me; but she knew me better than my mother.  I was put into a boarding at a very young age and this school happened to me near her hometown.

On weekends, I was allowed to trot off to her place and that what I loved to do always. Once there, I can be sure to fill my mouth with sweet crepes, crispy fritters, savory meat pies,  and soft chiffon cakes. Is there anything more a girl for boarding school would want?

I doubt!

During those days, my aunt was very young and she loved telling me stories and getting off the boredom hook. If I happened to be alone, I ended up in the sulk mode.

Yeah, I know- not at all a good trait of mine;  and I have trying very hard to change myself.

Honestly, I keep failing, but she is always by my side to kick from this sullen mode of life.

kids eating2
Cupcakes for all food allergies. My customized order!

Part Time Indulgences

So, back to how my aunt pushed me forward to get on a job.

I was down – both physically and mentally, and I knew I needed a change. My hubby let me do whatever I liked, so I was free to choose.

But personally, I never wanted to get into a full time job, commitments, and responsibilities and so on. That was when I saw an ad:


A Montessori Teacher to work for a period of six months and she should be well mannered and basically love being with kids.

Oho, so it’s just a six month deal!

Why not take it? , I thought over and called up the school.

They arranged for an interview and yep, I was selected. This happened so fast within a week’s time and I was both delighted and tensed.

Delighted coz I could be busy

Tensed coz I have never handled children outside my family. Anyways, I thought of giving it a try!

Tots, Tantrums and Food

Whoa, this Montessori looked like a normal school from outside.

But, inside, it was much more beautiful than I have ever imagined.

I was supposed to look after 12 kids.

You may think that a small number I have mentioned, but nope, just remember the saying,

‘Never judge a book by its cover’.

Hmm, that’s what they are!

Tiny monsters who love to have everything their way. Yet, cute bundles of joy and most importantly – they needed a lot of care.

I was in charge of a group of children who faced hearing problems and most of them had food allergies.

So, my job was getting a bit more serious, wasn’t it?

Yes, but more than tension, I loved this work now.

The love, trust, and happiness these innocent babies showed when I entered the room- is actually beyond words. They loved me and I loved them a lot!

Picnic Time

Now, we had a routine of outdoor activities here.

Once a month, the kids were taken to a park. It was the teacher’s responsibility to arrange for snacks and so on.

Well, that seemed okay to me. (At least I thought like that)

But nope, it did need a bit more planning.

So, I went in with my list things to do

Food Allergies and Safe Picnic Dates

#1 Ensure that the place you are going is not very crowded. Or else, perhaps you need to choose a time when the park is not crowded.

What I mean is that you should not end up scurrying around for these children!

#2 It is better that the children with food allergies bring their own food from home.

And, oh very important point: No Exchanging food between friends!  I know that is a harsh, but I mean this 100% for their safety

#3 The children (it could be your own or someone else’s) should be encouraged not to eat from anywhere at all.

So, if a morsel has fallen on the ground- no pickin that and eatin!

If a stranger offers food, best to say no! If your groups of kids are not so obedient (like my pack of tots); just tell them to accept the food and show it to you.

You can tell them that you will check whether it safe to eat (This trick actually a lot for me!)

# 4 So food is all separate and that isn’t a lot of fun. For this, I did a whole load of research to find foods that all kids could eat. Then I went to a bakery and ordered these customized goodies. You must have seen those cupcakes above. Yum!

That was what kids loved to eat and I do not have to keep an eagle eye when they eat the common foods.

kids eating3
Fun Time !!

The End

Well, this is a sort of end to our fun packed picnic day!

If you noticed, I had mentioned about being creative when kids are around.  Yes, this so true, They lose interest so fast.

I mean even though these tots were sent tasty snacks from home, a few adamant to dig in their fingers into other meal boxes.

That is when I understood- I needed something common for them. To tell you the truth, so far   I have taken them for 3 picnic dates.

The first time ended in utter chaos. I thought I would lose my job, with utter confusion, fights and tantrums among children.

The next two- I stood prepared to face and control my little Montessori Minions.

And yeah, I feel very satisfied with my work now. Maybe not a real mom now, but indirectly I am the part time Mom to 15 children.

That is so very reassuring and satisfying for me. Join me again in the next posts, as I come up with more of my hilarious adventures. If you did have similar experiences, I would love to hear that from you.


The Itch Story and it needs help!


A big hi to all parents and grandparents out there,

You must have got a glimpse of my thoughts on how to spend some real good time with my family. Well, I do try to do my best every now and then and that builds my connection with all of them.

Here, today, I would like to share with a problem that I have been noticing to this child for a few days. I never took it seriously in the beginning, and now I regret it.

Better Late Than Never

That is one phrase I can tell to myself ..just maybe for my personal peace of mind. But reality is that, it won’t solve the problem and well, I need your suggestions for the same.

What’s the issue?

I have been the nanny for this child for a few weeks now. He happens to be my aunt’s child and for the weekends, the kid is at our home. I don’t mind another addition to our already loud and bubbly family.

Wondering why the kid is left at my home?

Curiosity seems to be a part of the our human genes and I wouldn’t blame you for it. My aunt is working and never gets time to go attend the church services on normal days. So, she keeps it for the weekends.

Now, the kid is just about 4 years of age and boy!, are they energetic! So, she never likes running around with him around church corridors. So I agreed to help her out!

What’s my tasty deal for this nanny job?

Well, lunch is on her!

Yep, if I take care of him, then she will arrange for a nice lunch for all of us. This means 2 adults and 4 kids on the loose!

Isn’t that a great deal? I loved the idea of giving a rest to my kitchenette once a week. That was fair enough.

What was bothering me?

It is this little guy is super sweet, but he complains of itches all over the body.

Since my tiny tots never complained of all this- I was the least aware of what was happening. I gave him baths, moisturized him, and still he used to itch his head, hands and legs until it bled sometimes.

Now was awful. I couldn’t bear to see my cutie pie crying away. All he was say is.’That hurts’.

I told his mom (my aunt) and she was cool about it. She told me to moisturize him regularly and that was exactly what I was doing, But still, the baby and I were not at peace.

Was that Eczema?

A small note of fear run through my inner conscious. I have heard about Eczema and know that it is pretty hard to deal with it. Now what was the problem here?

He had rashes, mostly around his neck, but area and folds of skins. It was never there all of the time, but only certain times when the problem got triggered.

I coaxed my aunt to get him to the doc and finally she complied. She told me it was eczema, but I was just not convinced.

We went to the doc, got a couple of tests done to my happiness- it was not eczema! Just a mild skin rash that came up during climatic changes.

Well that brought some relief to my mind, but still the rash was there!

How do I make the rash go?

Well, my aunt was like – it was nothing serious and once the skin was moisturized- the itching would reduce. And once he turned about 6-7 years of age, it seems that the problem would just evaporate into thin air!

I didn’t buy this story, but no other way out!

All she told me was that – not to make him play outdoors. And I was like- but I am an outdoor freak and so are my kids. We have so many fun activities out in our yard and he too loves all of it

What do I do?

Baby Skin problems are tough to deal with and I found myself researching quite a bit to get him some permanent solution.

Dirty is not Allowed!

He loves to mess up, and so I did let him do so. This happens just once a day and then I make sure to get him cleaned and out on fresh clothes. No dirt, no mud and less sweat means lesser chances of virus triggering his baby body.

Lather on!

I do not mean to lather on soap, bit just some good creams. Soap should be very mild, and I gave him a bath in lukewarm water.

He was wiped dry and then baby body creams were applied. I never used creams that were heavily scented or oily based. Just simple plain creams.

Cut the heat out!

Okay, this is one you need to remember. I learned this from experience.

Heat of any kind worsens the situation. So, be it at the beach, or hot water, it is not good for the skin. Period.

It seems to be working. Experts talk a lot about controlling diet and all. I have not been able to do all of that, as he is a kinda of fussy eater. But, still, I see improvement.

I am happy!

Why if you ask me? It’s simple. Almost for a period of six months, I have been looking after him and his dear soft skin.

I stopped asking my aunt for cues, as she never felt it would be that bad. But I always felt a sting inside- when he went about with his itches. It hurts to see him cry.

One week, I got a pat on my back and my aunt told,’ I think you have become a better mom for him than I am. His skin is much better, he eats better and most of all, he stopped peeing on the bed!’

She was truly happy and thankful and I was even more elated. I have received such a warm acknowledgment in my life and felt I need to share it with you.

Still, do you have any more practical suggestions to bring the skin conditions under control. Share it with me, as often I consider real life experiences more reliable than a visit to the doctor.

Do pitch in your thoughts!


Am I spending quality time with my family?


A thought I keep pondering over the last few years. In fact, I actually think- is my family happy for the family time we spent together? Do they long for it?

Family Time is sometimes kept backstage and you are not alone. I too am in the same bubble. Truly, I regret it as I believe a second lost in life will never be got back.

Isn’t it true?

We as humans, live through each moment of our lives. A day in our life – be it happiness or sadness will never come back and the next day in our lives will never be the same.

So, I think we should all love each moment of our lives. Be grateful for all what we get, and try to make it better the next day. So, dwelling on my thoughts about family- how can we spent quality time with our families?

I know what you are thinking,…

We are all busy

Got jobs, got loans, and got commitments to fix on a daily basis. Same pinch, and we are in the same boat!

We do spend time with each other. Dinner is arranged mostly together (for many families). For those, where that is not possible, I think the weekends are the perfect day outs with the family.

Strike a similar bell somewhere?

Yes, it could be the day the whole family attends church together, or a picnic at the park, or maybe it is beach day!

Maybe you plan to meet up with your brothers, sisters, and parents at one common place- and have a huge lovely lunch together. Aww, aren’t those times so memorable?

The options are many, and by the way- these are better when there are naughty and tint tots in the house. I will explain why later.

What if you are a newly wed? Or maybe retired parents?

How would you spice up your life a bit more?

Do you go for date nights? Or maybe a visit to the country side? Or something a bit more exotic and fancy?

My point is: whatever you do- you need to spend some time alone with each other, get to know each other better and yes, both of you should be happy with it.

These are thoughts that have been striking me for a long time now.

Now in my case.

I am up by 5:30 in the morning. My morning madness goes something like this.

I put the clothes for wash, then am off to enjoy my black coffee.

Once I finish off my morning washroom activities, am off to make breakfast for a battalion of 5 energy bombs. Yup, that’s my family!

Once that is cleared off, I wake all of them up. Now that is the real chore. My two younger children aged 8 and 5 years – dread getting up from bed!

So, you know the normal routine- I am hopping up and down, calling them, hugging them, and talking to them and finally I get to open their eyes!

By 8:30, we are all out of the house in different directions. The kids come back from school by 4 pm and play. I am back by 8 pm and give them a quick hug, get refreshed and am off to dinner making chores.

Dinner is ready by 10 pm, and the kids are off to sleep by 11 pm. I know it’s late- but that is the fastest I can handle!

Am I doing it right?

At one shot, if you glance through these activities- it is what any normal household goes through and yes, I do look after everyone reasonably well.

Still, I feel that it is not entirely responsibilities that make up quality family time.

Interactions with your loved ones makes all the difference

  • Get involved with their daily activities. Talk to all your family members.
  • For example, you can ask you partner- how their day went, ask your children what they did during the day, ask about the activities they engaged in, the games they played, and the friends they played with.
  • Now that was the good part. But there are days- when things are always not so good. So, if your kids had any fights- ask them the issue. Also, if you partner or parents are not feeling well, call them up in between and check on them.
  • Pay a visit to old ailing parents- they will be more than you think. They need your company!

What I understood:

Quality Time means the time you spent knowing and understanding your loved ones better.

Of course, you need to tend to their needs; but you also need to tend to their emotions and feelings.

I do know it is not easy- especially if you have long working and commuting to work, but with technology at your fingertips- you can try to!

After all, ‘If there is a will, there is a way’.

So, try the tips on quality time (the ones that I have suggested) and see the difference in relationships from now on. I would feel all the more happier if you share your stories with me from time to time.

It really did make a difference for me, and since I am so sure – it will change your lives too – for good. So, try it and share your thoughts with me!



Oh, did I heard a ping just now? I guess it must be about 11:00 pm. Wonder who pinged me at this time? Hope nothing is urgent. Or maybe… could it be an update on my FB account?

I knew that Martha has gone for an interview. Did she message me to tell me how it went? Or maybe my cousin sis was going through her 7th month of pregnancy. Is she ok? Two weeks back, she did tell me that she was having constant a lot of early morning vomiting sessions. I hope it hasn’t worsened.

I ruffled my hair and stayed awake for about an hour (I think so). Now, you must be wondering what the fuss is all about. Nothing much, but if you remember in my previous post, I had mentioned ways on how a person can attain mental peace.

Those tips that I had mentioned are my personal experiences, and surely these were not all that easy. Among them, I found keeping away from social media the most difficult of the lot. And I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Back to my Thoughts Trail

To tell you the truth- staying away from my gadgets was never a piece of cake. It sure does distract you, but in today’s world- that is the one thing that keeps you connected with everyone you know. How many of us actually call anyone now?

Unless it is a function of a marriage party or an engagement- I mean people just don’t talk!

But for me, the constant shower of messages from various directions- was very disturbing. I never have free time on my hands, sleep and rest became an expensive luxury and so that was something that deeply reflected on my health.

I think I took about 5-7 months to completely come under control. That was when I realized that clinging on to my phone was some sort of a mental addiction. Not to the gadget as such, but to the urge to stay updated on what goes around me.

My path to the successful Detox plan: Social Media Detox Plan

Pings, Posts, and Updates

So, what about it? I am a social animal and have tons of friends. But the fact is I don’t know all of them properly. Also, consciously, I present myself as a complete ‘ I know everything’ person. And frankly, I don’t much about anybody? Not even my siblings or parents. I mean people are so complex!

And because the curiosity bug has bitten me- I have to know what happens in each person’s life. What is my option? The only one…live literally on various social media platforms. Watch over the posts that my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram friends display.

But this was eating my head. If there were people I was not fond of – a picture of them got me upset. Someone posted an update on their latest trip- and I feel hurt that they never shared with me.

I could go on, but that but that is not the point. The problem is I want to kick out all the negativity that lingers around me.


Sleep a dream??

Since I was getting addicted to this habit- I decided to put the phone away. Before I was living in the gadget for about 15 hours or so. Even if there were no major updates, I loved to scroll down and also move into different pages.

Oh my, I do not even have a track of how many hours of sleep I would have been deprived off in this manner!

Eyes sunk and I began to look like a zombie! Now that is really horrible.


Whenever, I think of my weight- all I can do is laugh. I had bloated to an excess of 15 kgs- just by doing nothing but linger around on social media.

This lifestyle needed to come to an end.

Silence, please!!

First, I kept the phone on vibration and also inside the cupboard. This was what I did initially and to a certain extent, it worked- but, still my mind was there. So, after 3- 4 hours, I needed to take a look at them.

Fixed hours

It is easy to plan it out, but when it comes to execution- it is not easy. I decided that I would look social media just during lunch break. Apart from that, I planned to check my mails at a gap of 2 hours.

It was difficult in the beginning, but then my mind got tuned to it.

Once my mind started accepting this system, I myself could feel a lesser urge to come back to my social media at every other second.

What was the end result?

I must say- I felt free inside!

No one to watch me

No one to monitor me

and Plus I never had to compare my life with anyone and feel upset with it.

It is like I began giving more respect and care for my mind and body. So, I was at ease. Plus, the best part is, since I was not often on social media- friends and relatives began calling, exchanging and inquiring about life with me.

I felt loved to top it all and that definitely made me happy inside.


Mental Peace: A Treasured Luxury we yearn for


If only I sink into my bed, and sleep off until my body demands to wake up.

Will I ever get a day without having a verbal collision with anyone?

I need to get the hell outta this swirl of work! Am fed up!

Does any of this, ring a bell in your mind? It must have in a small way. How many of us love the fact that we can get a day or two to just laze around and do nothing- literally nothing!

Am sure, all of us. This world is a maze of work, tension, and hectic schedules. Sometimes, this maze can swallow you up and that is when you need to take a break!

Why if you ask me? Because, your body demands that is called Mental Peace.

So, what is mental peace?

If you ask me that in one word, that will not be enough, coz it is a feeling that evolves in your mind. A feeling of calmness, serenity, and happiness is what I get in me. There is no one to nag you, or there are no urgent works to get done. I do not have to walk around the place as if fire has caught up on my feet!

In short, I just feel relaxed and my mind literally floats in various thoughts I like and I have no qualms whatsoever at this period of time.

Love that idea? Isn’t that so inviting? Yes, it is indeed, but the sad part is- or rather the reality is that – I hardly get this blissful peace called Mental peace.

So what do you do?

I have been working in various odd jobs for the past 7-8 years, with different cultures, with different characters and personalities, and with funny and varied job descriptions. Some are truly taxing!

The work never gets over, or my boss seems to be a perfectionist, or maybe my colleagues are just not the kind I could blend into. Sometimes, if that is cool, the neighbourhood where I live will be up to all no good man’s job! You know how it feels to live with a bunch of interfering neighbours. You cannot fight, you cannot comment and all you can you do is smile at their nonsense. It’s a pity that somehow nature finds it way to ruin my mental peace at some point or the other.

But as a person, I always solutions, and I knew if I do not get back into a peaceful zone, I may just burst off into thin air.

Here’s what I do to get my share of mental peace. You can try it and see that can keep your minds and body happy and relaxed.

Mental Peace – Don’t just yearn for it any more!

These are my ways to get the heat of tension off my mind and I think you too can try it out. These are surely not a perfect solution. Also, I didn’t them right, at one go. A lot of trials and errors, has helped me master the essence of attaining mental peace.

Lifestyle changes

Okay, so the present lifestyle is taxing on your health. Then maybe you should make a few changes. Like for instance, in my case, my work start of by 9a.m and end by 5p.m. But the truth is that – I could never leave by 5, and that would often extend ot 7 p.m.

After that, all of us (colleagues), used to go for ride, have a drink and so on. By the time, I reach home, I am thoroughly drained out- and it is just enough to catch a wink before the new day starts.

I altered it by going for a jog early morning, having a great breakfast and then heading off to work. When work was over, I stopped the evening out with them and instead, had a quick dinner, checked my mails and slept off early. That really kept my health in a stable condition.

Chill Out

So, since that daily chill out session was brought to a halt. I still needed a time and venue to freak out. I discussed with my friends and we decided that we keep our enjoyments to once a week affair.

That way, we can sit up late, watch moves, goof up a bit and still have plenty of time to rest. Sounds cool, huh?

Plus, we all saved up a bit to visit some place or the other once in a year. So, that doubles up my peace of mind because I love travelling.

Let Go of Media

This is one area that I had to struggle to let go. it’s go if your entire network is buzzing inside the social media. But if you have a will, it will work!

I decided that I keep my eyes and ears open to social media only during lunch time and then once I reach home in the evening hours. So, I reserved just 2 hours a day for Media. In the beginning, I was looking for the time to open and explore what the media has to offer me. But later on, my mind got a hang of this living pattern.

What I gained:

In two words: Mental Peace!

Be a child again who understands what the right way of living is!

My mind was de-cluttered and there were not many distractions that would tax my mind and body. This type of living is what helped me to gain mental peace. Try it for yourself!!


This is my first post and I just found this is as a great medium to get interacting with so many of you out there! I am a health practitioner and basically I analyse each case that comes by me through three angles of life.


One is through science, one is through the mental thoughts and the last and most important is with the grace of spirituality.

According to me, health is very important in life. I do not support the theory that you must constantly look after your health with good food, extensive work outs and weird lifestyle.

At the same time, I do not support the idea of people – who are never ready to forgo small pleasures in their life in order to be healthy. I had a friend who never could think of a single meal without some good chunks of meat. And it was not some meat, but he specifically loved his burgers and the Cokes!

Now that sort of lifestyle is suicidal. You can have these foods once in a while. Such an indulgence is never going to cause a problem for anyone. But if it a daily affair- then you need to change.

You must understand that our body is beautiful, cute and healthy when we are born. So, aren’t we responsible to maintain it that way all our lives? Age is a big factor here and we cannot deny that. But meanwhile, we surely can take advice from the learned people out there and stay healthy. Try it and inside you will feel so good!

You must be wondering whether this has a connection to smile and yes, it does.

So, my question for today remains: Do you need to smile?

I was pondering over the fact that many people find it very difficult to shed a smile during their daily life. Why should you remain so tight faced? Relax those face muscles, and share a smile. It makes so much of a difference- more than even what you may ever have even thought so!

Over the years, and especially during my graduation days- a few of my observations were:

People are not how they seem to look like

Often we may see grumpy people around us. Now, not all of them may be arrogant or hot tempered. It may be due to their life situations that they look like that. But you can always give them a smile. It does not cost a penny and yet may lift their hearts to happiness. You may not get a smile from them immediately, but one day – you will- and that will be genuine.

Makes your day much better

So many times, I tell youngsters to let go of grudges and revenge. It makes your day worse. You never can concentrate on what you do and it will cause a lot of pain. If you learn to smile at the one who has done wrong to you- it makes the difference. Don’t just smile and walk away, but make them realize that you have the power to go past the hurt they had created in your life.

It connects better

Got a tensed interactive session? Smile, in between, talk firmly but in a pleasant manner. You see, a smile will ease down the friction that stays in the air. Many a time, it is egos and misunderstandings that prevent us from smiling. Let loose of them, smile, interact and you will find that the world is so much easier to live in. Smile creates love and that is essential for all good relations.


Now, this is most favorite observation and yes this is true! Think like this:

Doesn’t a smiling person looks so much better than a grim faced person?..So a smile can improve beauty.

If you smile and laugh out, it brings love in the relationships and that make your heart at ease.

Plus, smile at an elderly person or one who is ill, it does make them happy a lit and this can definitely survive the illness or fatigue of old age in a much better manner.

Get your things done!

Is there anything more pleasing than a sweet smile? I doubt! Often, a genuine smile can talk much more than a stern conversation. You can get help and people will offer to help you more than you think. But, keep in mind, not to over smile – as that could send off wrong messages to the opposite person.

Guess, these are a few logical reasons for your to get that pretty smile onto your face? Get that on and trust me- you will be able to silently motivate people beyond your imaginations.

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